Palaeontological dating definition

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The intervals of geological time are calibrated to absolute time by means of radiometric or isotopic ages from interbedded or cross-cutting rocks such as volcanic flows and ash beds.In most wells, the LADs of fossils are the most useful datum planes for subdividing, dating, and correlating the lithostratigraphic section (Figure 1) because the drilling procedure may extend the FADs of fossils by caving of cuttings.Concise definitions of all these genera are formulated, problems of distinguishing them are discussed, and representative species are listed.Paleontology, the study of fossil organisms and their traces, has been used in the exploration for and exploitation of hydrocarbons since the later half of the nineteenth century. Generally, we think of bones, shells, or teeth that are buried in rock, but fossils can also be outlines of leaves or footprints or trails.This second set of fossils, which are the outlines of items from the past rather than the items themselves, are called trace fossils.The chemical make-up of these strata can tell us the balance of gases in ancient atmospheres.Major cataclysmic events such as eruptions and meteor strikes also leave there mark on the fossil record.

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Erosion of exposed rock faces or through the crushing action of geological movements can destroy fossils even after they are formed.

There are, however, limitations on the information fossils can supply. Most often, bones and other materials are crushed or consumed before they can be fossilized.

In addition, fossils can only form in areas where sedimentary rock is formed, such as ocean floors.

In a major episode of adaptive radiation starting in the Pridoli and culminating in Emsian time the ancestral syringostromatid, Parallelostroma, gave rise to Coenostroma, Habrostroma, Syringostroma, Columnostroma and Parallelopora.

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In late Early to Middle Devonian time Stromatopora radiated into Lineastroma, Arctostroma, Pseudotrupetostroma, Glyptostromoides and Taleastroma. Syringostromella coexisted with Stromatopora in Middle and Late Silurian time and gave rise to Salairella in late Early Devonian time.

Correlation is the method for predicting the lateral continuity and physical and chronostratigraphic equivalency of strata.

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