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01-Oct-2017 17:19

Using Moldex3D to predict unbalanced flow in a 3D printed injection mold by Stratasys “Simulation has increasingly permeated many aspects of product development process, from initial concept design, prototyping to production,” said Venny Yang, President at Moldex3D.“For part designers and mold builders looking to take advantage of rapid prototyping with 3D printed injection molds, we believe Moldex3D’s upfront simulation capabilities can not only to help them better understand the complex nature of injection molding process, but also to bridge the gap between prototyping and final production.” The white paper also includes a case study which provides valuable examples of how Moldex3D’s simulation technology can be used to predict, validate and optimize the design of 3D printed injection molds.

Predicting the strength of FRP housings using FEA simulations are very critical during the product design and development process.

Sequencing the actuators for a better filling pattern is a common practice among molders.

When sequentially valve gating parts there is the possibility of molded in defects such as pressure transition marks on unpainted parts, reflection marks after a paint drying process, and hot spots directly opposite of the gate.

This presentation shows how Moldex3D provides us with a way to not only predict when and where we will see these defects, but with the ability to simulate pin movement, allows us to see if the defects can be eliminated with Synventive active Gate controls.

With each passing year, plastics industry is seeing new and smarter technologies emerging that help produce better quality parts.In the first half of the presentation, Moses Gnana reviews few of the Moldex3D Features which help to improve the productivity of a CAE Engineer’s tasks from a perspective of a new user of Moldex3D, who has prior experience with other different CAD / CAE packages.

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